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Waterproof Camouflage Backpack Belt TrousersYQuestion Backpack Trousers Are 17" In Length And 13" In Width

Waterproof Camouflage Belt Backpack ShirtsYQuestion Backpack Shirt Is 17" In Length And 13" In Width

Fashion Designer Waterproof Camouflage Belt Backpacks

YQuestion Waterproof Camouflage Belt Backpack.


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Instructions: Usage Of Backpack - Belt

1. Unsecure Backpack - Belt Buckle.

2. Slide zipper down opening the belt.

3. Upon opening slide the zipper down to open the backpack.

4. Place objects inside velcro pocket or inside backpack and secure velcro and / or zipper.

5. Adjust buckle to fit the dimensions of your back to carry objects which look like a shirt or pair of trouser.

The YQuestion Backpack Shirt / Trouser Is 17 Inches In Length And 13 Inches In Width. A Single Strap 30 Inches In Length And 2 Inches In Width Is Connected In The Middle On The Top Of The Backpack. The Lower Strap Is On The Bottom Of The Backpack And Is Also Connected In The Middle. It Is I5 Inches In Length And 2 Inches In Width. A 2 Inch Black Tri Glide Plastic And / Or Metal Buckle Is Connected To The Lower Strap.

There Are Also 2 Metal Zippers. Both Are 16 Inches. One Is Used When Opening The Backpack Shirt / Trouser And The Other Zipper Is Used, On The Back Of The Backpack, When Opening Into A Backpack Shirt / Trouser Or Folding Into A Belt. We Also Have One Inside Pocket With Velcro Closure, 13 Inches In Width And 10 Inches In Length Located In The Interior Bottom Of The Backpack. The Backpack Trouser Is Provided With 2½ Inch Belt Loops.

When The Backpack Becomes A Belt It Is 6½ To 7 Inches In Diameter Folded. This Backpack / Belt Usage Is Endless. It Can Be Used For Carrying Laptops, Ipads, Kindles, Books, Groceries, Clothing, Etc., In A Unique And Fashionable Way.




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YQuestion Designer Fashion

YQuestion LLC has developed a backpack which folds into a belt, the YQuestion Arm Band and the YQuestion Sports Bag. Our products have two basic designs, a shirt and a trouser, which come in various sizes.

YQuestion utilizes Denim and Camouflage Waterproof Fabric, to create unique garments for consumers who want the fashionable look of a belt, the convertibility and strength of a backpack, and products that requires minimal space for storage.

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