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Denim Armband Trousers

The YQuestion (why Question) Denim Armband is 6 Inches In Length, 4¾ Inches In Width.

Denim Armband Shirt

The Strap Located In The Middle On The Side Is 10 Inches In Length And 2 Inches In Width. On The Other Side, In The Middle Of The Armband, Is A Strap That Is 5 Inches In Length And 2 Inches In Width. This Strap Secures The 2 Inch Tri Glide Plastc And / Or Metal Buckle.


This Armband Is Excellent For Track Enthusiasts Who Run And Walk. Bicycle Riders? People Who Just Don't Want Objects In Their Pockets Or Purses. It Can Secure Ipods, An Iphone, Earphones, Credit Cards, Currency, Licences, Keys, Flashdrives, Etc. Wear It To The Mall Or While Shopping. Its Usage Is Endless.

One Day Wear A Shirt.the Next Day A Trouser. Reversible In Denim Or Camoflauge.



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YQuestion Designer Fashion

YQuestion LLC has developed a backpack which folds into a belt, the YQuestion Arm Band and the YQuestion Sports Bag. Our products have two basic designs, a shirt and a trouser, which come in various sizes.

YQuestion utilizes Denim and Camouflage Waterproof Fabric, to create unique garments for consumers who want the fashionable look of a belt, the convertibility and strength of a backpack, and products that requires minimal space for storage.

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