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Generic SEO

Generic Search Engine Optimization

Generic Search Engine Optimization
Potential Customers use Search Engines to find your Website.

Sites That Sell Success Optimization Program insures they will find your Website rather than your competitor's Website..

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Optimized Pay Per Click Advertising

  • Pay Per Click Advertising

    Pay Per Click advertising is a valuable tool in your Search Engine Marketing campaign and like any power tool it lets you do things you can not accomplish manually.

    As with any power tool, if not used skillfully and knowledgeably it can be dangerous and the results can be expensive.

  • Sites That Sell Websites Are
    Designed And Optimized To Sell
  • Google Adwords PPC Campaign Strategies

    Sites That Sell Pay Per Click Management Service identifies the most profitable keyword phrases for your campaign and your most profitable cost for those keyword phrases.

Keys To Success For Your Pay Per Click Campaign

Identify the Most Profitable Keyword Phrases.

One of the more costly mistakes of an amatuer is to think that the most popular phrases are the most profitable.

For Each keyword phrase that is important to your business, Optimize At Least One Page of your Website, according to Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Promoting Your Business Website

Pay Per Click Advertising

A Panacea or a Black Hole For Your Business?

A dollar or more per click adds up quickly. Are you attracting buyers, lookers or your competitors looking for marketing ideas?

Pay Per Click Advertising, A Panacea or a Black Hole?

Sites That Sell Success Optimization Program increases qualified leads while decreasing your cost per click.

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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine

Marketing Options

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