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Custom Résumé Design Service

We'll help you craft an exciting and winning résumé based on your occupation, status and career. You'll answer a few questions, telling us a little about yourself, and well generate a unique résumé for you.

No cookie cutter approach here - each résumé is unique.

Our résumés consider whether you're a student or experienced professional, whether you're returning to the workforce or a job seeker whose skills come from many different perspectives.  

Word Processing / Typing Service

We can help with everything from letters and memos to reports, journals or complete procedure manuals. We are fully conversant with all Windows packages and can supply a professionally finished document on plain paper or your own letterhead.

Leave the choice of fonts and layout to us or specify a range of special features, including graphics and desktop publishing options. We can accommodate special layouts such as columns, tables, or charts and a range of styles and colors.


We are equipped to handle all manner of audio dictation whether a letter, report, meetings, seminars, conferences or interviews. We can transcribe standard audio tapes, micro or mini cassettes, video tapes or mini disc recordings, as well as DSS and WAV digital sound files. Once transcribed, your work can be emailed, faxed or posted.


Checking proofs is a tedious but critical task and any mistakes overlooked can be costly to correct at the page proof stage. Modern computer spellcheckers are useful but have their limitations. We can provide either a straight proofreading service or make corrections to copy on disk or hard copy, or both. We can mark changes on hard copy, change documents electronically, flagging any changes, additions or deletions.

Your Personal Sercretary Without The Overhead

Word Processing • Transcription And Editing • Proofreading • Copy Writing

Professional Résumé Design • Desktop Publishing • Virtual Office Management


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Business Services

Mail & Package Services

Avoid The Stress

MailBags Full Service Professional Mail And Business Center removes the stress from Mailing And Shipping

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