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Fashion Maya Scarf
Assorted Fashion Colors

20% Silk, 80% Polyester Size: 60" x 19"



Chiara Venezia, Luxury Fashion Made Affordable. Savor the opportunity of living in a time of fashion variety and choice, uniting diverse cultures and ideas

Taking the best design, quality, finish and combining it with productivity, practicality and finish at an affordable cost so everyone can enjoy a piece of the world, Chiara Venezia Discount Fashion Handbags.

Picena Designer Inspired Satin Evening Clutch, Clear Rhinestones, Long Silver Chain

Picena Designer Inspired Evening Clutch

Clear Rhinestone & Long Removable Silver Chain




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Discount Fashion Hobo Handbags

Breccia Designer Inspired Discount Hobo Handbag
Designer Inspired Breccia Affordable Hobo Tote Handbag

Medium handles and long strap. Spacious interior fully lined with 4 pockets.

Designer Inspired Fashion Lidas Discount Hobo Handbags
Lidas Fashion Trendy Hobo Handbag, Designer Inspired Discount Fashion

Zippered Back Pocket, Medium Handles, Strap On Each Side With Buckles, Chrome Pellets Accent, Big Interior Fully Lined


Lucana Faux Leather Discount Hobo Handbags With Medium Size Handle, Beige Linen Interior with Pockets And large Compartment, Designer Inspired Discount Fashion by Chiara Venezia
Lucana Designer Inspired Discount Fashion Hobo Handbag

Faux Leather Discount Hobo Handbags, Medium Sized Handle, Beige Linen Interior & Large Compartment

Ninfa Prada Saffiano Leatherette Large Fashion Hobo Tote Handbag, Designer Inspired Discount Fashions
Ninfa Prada Soffiano Like
Hobo Tote Handbag

Designer Inspired Discount Hobo Handbags by Chiara Venezia

Ninfa Prada Saffiano Leatherette Large Fashion Tote Handbag 

Melilli Fashion Shoulder Hobo Handbag, Designer Inspired Discount Fashions
Melilli Shoulder
Hobo Handbag, Discount
Designer Inspired Fashions

Melilli Fashion Faux Leather Hobo Handbag

Irsina Fashion Leatherette Hobo Shoulder Handbag, Designer Inspired
Irsina Shoulder
Hobo Handbag,
Designer Inspired

Irsina Fashion Leatherette Hobo Shoulder Handbag

Rivalta Designer Inspired Fashion Discounted Hobo Handbag
Rivalta Faux Leather
Hobo Handbag, Designer
Inspired Discount Fashions

Rivalta Designer Inspired Fashion Discounted Faux Leather Hobo Handbag

Asola Trendy Designer Inspired Fashion Tote Handbag, Designer Inspired Fashion
Asola Trendy, Designer Inspired Fashion Handbag

Medium Handles with a stylish flower at the ends. Folds on front. Full interior lining


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Chiara Venezia
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Designer Inspired Discount Fashion Plastic Frame Sunglasses

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Fashion Handbags, Purses & Clutches – Chiara Venezia

Fashion Designer Inspired Handbags at affordable prices. Fashion Handbags, Purses, Scarves & Sunglasses

Chiara Venezia Designer Inspired Fashion Handbags, Scarves & Sunglasses

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