Advertising Strategies For Success

Generating Sales & Market Share Without Breaking The Budget

A Profitable Advertising Campaign is one component of a Coordinated Marketing Plan. Planning and Preparation before spending will generate the best return on your advertising investment. Advertising should be focused on reaching potential customers who have not previously purchased from your company.

Each product advertising campaign should focus on a related group of products or product line.

Advertising for Sercice Companies will be most effective focusing on a particular service or group of related services.

Documenting results accurately from your advertising

Track which ads and which advertising venues are generating leads for your Website and what percentage of those leads convert to sales.

Increasing Average Sale with cross-selling.

Track where leads are coming from which ads and which advertising venues are most profitable.

Once your Marketing Campaign is active

The foundation of a Successful Marketing Campaign is information. Starting with well written, relevant text about your products or services you will can build an effective marketing campaign drawing traffic to your website and generating sales.


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